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White Oak Athletic Club

Rain Out Procedure


These rainout procedures apply only when the White Oak team is the home team.

Always check the WOAC rainout number at (513) 385-1840.  If your game is cancelled, contact the opposing coach immediately to inform him/her of the cancellation. 

When you are the home team, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO RESCHEDULE any games that are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.  When informing the other coach of the rainout, obtain from him/her any dates that his/her team cannot play that are not already on the master schedule, in order to provide me with a few dates both teams are available for a make-up game.

Contact me via email at [email protected] after speaking with the opposing coach and give me the date the game was originally scheduled for and any dates the teams cannot play.  THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF THE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED GAME.  

I will email you within a day or two and provide you with a couple of options.  You have 48 hours to respond, choosing one of the dates.   It is your responsibility to contact the opposing coach and choose one of the provided dates.  If neither work, let me know and I will provide new open dates to choose from.   Once a date is chosen, it will be placed on the permanent schedule and I will provide the rescheduling to the umpire coordinator to make sure you have umpires scheduled for the new date.  Remember, it is first come, first served.

If it is late in the season or there have been many rainouts, you may be playing on back-to-back nights due to field availability.  You may also lose practice time(s) if needed for any rescheduled games for any White Oak teams.  This is a last resort, but be prepared as it may happen.  On even rarer occasions, you may need to play at the field of your opponent.

On a very rare occasion, I may contact you by telephone if there are fields available on short notice (within a day or two of the rainout).


                                                Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and Good Luck with your season

                                               AJ Nieman

                                                WO Baseball Coordinator