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NWBR Rule Book

2016 NWBR Rule Book

NWBR 2016 WOAC Rulebook.pdf


WOAC Umpire Coordinator- Mindy or Woody Woodward- Woody or Mindy Woodward


- Home team pays umpires

- Umpires are to be paid before the game

- Umpires will receive a show up fee if game is rained out after it has started, or

   before a legal game.  Each organization will decide on the fee.

- Umpire Coordinator is responsible for all home game umpires.

- Umpire must be 2 years older than the age they are umpiring.

- Umpire must be at least 12 years old.


D-1                  $20.00/Plate                $10.00/Bases              $30.00/One Umpire

D-2                  $20.00/Plate                $10.00/Bases              $30.00/One Umpire

C-1                  $20.00/Plate                $15.00/Bases              $35.00/One Umpire

C-2                  $25.00/Plate                $17.00/Bases              $42.00/One Umpire

B-1                  $25.00/Plate                $17.00/Bases              $42.00/One Umpire

B-2                  $25.00/Plate                $17.00/Bases              $42.00/One Umpire

A-1                  $35.00/Plate                $20.00/Bases              $55.00/One Umpire

A-Minor          $40.00/Plate                $25.00/Bases              $65.00/One Umpire

A-Major          $55.00/Plate                $50.00/Bases              $90.00/One Umpire

NOTE: In A-Major double headers, EACH TEAM pays an umpire.  The SCHEDULED HOME TEAM pays for the plate umpire and the SCHEDULED VISITING TEAM pays the base umpire.  In the event there is only 1 umpire, each team pays ½ of the umpire fee ($50/ team). 

Rain Out Fee-If the game has started and the game is suspended due to rain, the umpire gets the fees listed as above

Show Up Fee-  If the game is suspended prior to the start, the umpire gets a show up fee of $15.00.  WOAC will reimburse the coach for the show up fee.