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White Oak Athletic Club


NWBR Game Field 

CODE    FIELD NAME                              PHONE        LOCATION


AOH    *  Arches Oak Hills      574-8832       6453 Bridgetown Road -- 45248


BFP         Boldface Park                                 3060 River Road   45204


BM          Bridgetown Middle                                    Race Rd. / Glenway


BP            Bosken Park                                   5260 Leona Drive  45238


CC       *  CCAA                                            Springdale or Struble & Hamilton                                                                                                        (fields 1 thru 4)         

                                                  825-0236       2175 Springdale (fields 5 thru 9)


CFH         Monfort Heights                             Cheviot Field House  3729 Robb Ave.

                                                                        Close to Bridgetown Rd and Robb Ave.


CG      *   Clifford George                              Forester and Mill.


CHS         Colerain Sr. High                            Cheviot & Poole Rds.


CL           Clippard Park                                 Struble to Pottinger to Dewhill or                                                                       Springdale to Season to Pottinger to Dewhill


                                                            PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CHARGE                                                                TO PARK -THIS IS A COLERAIN                      

                                                             TOWNSHIP CHARGE


CLP         Cleves Park                                     State Rt 128 S to Rt 50, Left on 50, Right on                                   Mt. Nebo,Right on Miamiview to Cleves                                                       Community Park.

                                                            PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CHARGE                                         TO PARK -THIS IS A VILLAGE OF                                                          CLEVES CHARGE.


CP        *  Colerain Park                                  Corner of Poole and Springdale


                                                                                PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CHARGE                                                                TO PARK -THIS IS A COLERAIN                      

                                                                         TOWNSHIP CHARGE


DHP        Dunham Park                                  4356 Dunham Lane   45238


DMS        Delhi Middle School                      5280 Foley Road  45238


DP           Delhi Park                                       5125 Foley Road   45238


DR           Monfort Heights                             2885 Diehl Rd.  Close to Shepherd Creek

                                                                        Rd.  Zip Code 45211


DUL        Dulles Elementary                          6481 Bridgetown Rd. Cincy 45238


EL            Elda Elementary                             Ross: Rt. 128 just west of Rt. 27


FF        *  Farwick Fields         353-1900       Miamitown: I-74 & Rt. 128 on Furlong Dr.


GB       * Groesbeck Field                             Claire Ave. off Galbraith, behind Groesbeck                                              Library


                                                            PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CHARGE                                                                TO PARK -THIS IS A COLERAIN                      

                                                                         TOWNSHIP CHARGE

HB      *  Haubner                   385-1840       White Oak Dr. off Cheviot Rd.


HP          Heritage Park                                  North on Colerain, left on Old Colerain                                             Old Colerain turns into E. Miami River Rd,                                                   Park is on the right


                                                            PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A CHARGE                                                                TO PARK -THIS IS A COLERAIN                      

                                                                         TOWNSHIP CHARGE


JM        *  St. James                  385-4802       North of St. James School on Cheviot Rd


KC      *  Northside K of C    923-3144       Blue Rock Rd. - west of Colerain


KP           * Kuliga Park           574-8832       6453 Bridgetown Road  -- 45248


LF       *  Little Flower            541-3106       Little Flower Dr. - off  Kirby &                                                   588-8186                            Colerain behind Little Flower Church

                                                  (Rainout No.)




MA       * Mt. Airy Elem. School  588-8186  Colerain Ave. behind school or off Kipling


MG     * Morgan School              738-8100  3427 Chapel Rd. Okeana, Ohio 45053.  27N                                    

                                                                        To Ross exit / L on 128 / R on 126W or

                                                                        Cincinnati Brookville / L on Chapel Rd /

                                                                        School is on the right


MT           Monfort Heights                             Miamitown (old Goodtimers  7958 Harrison                               

                                                                                                Ave. Close to E Miami River Rd & Harrison

                                                                        Top Field


MP           Mount Healthy Park                                   Hastings Drive east of Hamilton ½ block                                               south of Adams


MW         Miami Township west park            4063 East Miami River Road. Cleves Ohio



NW           Northwest High School                 Pippin Rd. North of Struble.


OE           Oakdale Elementary                                   Virginia Ct.


OC        *   Olympian Club       825-2501       10054 Pippin Rd Cincy 45231          


OK           Oskamp Fields                                5644 Glenway Ave    45238


RH           Ross High School                           Ross - Rte 128 just east of Rte 27



S              Schottelkotte Park                          Fields 3 & 4 Ruth Ave off Roosevelt - one                                       block west of Hamilton ½ mile south of                                                                                I-275

                                                                        Fields 1 & 2  ¼ mile south of a Roosevelt                                         on Hamilton to main park entrance on right


SP           Springmyer Elementary                  4179 Ebenezer Rd.  Cincy 45248



TRMS     Three Rivers Middle School          8575 Bridgetown Road

                                                                        Cleves, Ohio 45002        


WP      *  Wurzelbacher Flds   738-8100       2679 Chapel Rd. Okeana, Ohio 45053

                                                                        27N to Ross Exit / L on 128 / R on 126W or

                                                                        Cincinnati Brookville / R on Chapel Rd /

                                                                        Park on the left





MANAGERS AND PARENTS: The concession stands help to defer the cost of athletic programs, so PLEASE support them.  DO NOT bring any food or drinks to fields with concession stands.